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About us

Hello, I’m Debora, teaching and learning is my passion. Since I started teaching in Brazil I always wanted to the best possible English teacher so I moved to London and lived there for 15 years. As well as improving my own English I wanted to understand how humans learn languages. I completed a masters in Bilingualism at the University of London which gave me unique insight into language acquisition.

Hello, I’m Paolo, although I don’t have formal teacher training I have actually lived and worked in London most of my life. During my 18 year career as a Software Implementation Consultant / Project Manager I have worked with many well known multinational companies. I can offer help with your English conversations in any business situation for example meetings, phone calls, conferences or networking. My background is also in recruitment software so I can offer expertise on how to present your CV and tips and techniques on how to perform well in interviews.

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.

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